I really do feel bad for them. I get a lot of request to make Junkprints baby clothing, and do make lil custom baby clothing from time to time. But I hate the idea of putting our social, political, baggage on an unassuming drooling sack of human cuteness (a.k.a. baby). My disdain goes so far that I'm not really into putting any type of logo/icon/character on children's clothing, unless requested by the child. All that stuff is our baggage and it doesn't take long for a child to want to participate, i.e mommy I want a barbie, and would like to dress like Brittany spears etc. At that point, unless it's harmful to the child, I'm down w/ having them pick they social alliances and express them through the way they choose to dress. Until that time, I like the utilitarian approach to dressing children. Beyond the social baggage, most baby stuff that adults think is cute would is either suitable for dressing an Easter egg or would be utterly embarrassing for an adult. Here's a few examples. Snuggies for new borns? WTF? (but I do want one...I'll put a pineapple where the baby should go)

And this one?

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