Hi Sunshines, I have some super exciting news! Junkprints is being carried at a brand new pop up shop Called SUPAFRIK in Toronto, and of course in none other than Kensington Market. 181 Augusta Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 2L4 Supafrik is an experimental pop-up concept. A blend of art exhibition and retail, Supafrik will showcase the work of artists and entrepreneurs that are inspired by Africa.  Loosely curated around the theme of “Urban Contemporary Africana”, Supafrik will feature artwork and merchandise that re-contextualise and re-imagine traditional African aesthetics and tradition with a post-modernist eye.  In addition to the Afrotropolis fashion collection by Chinedesign, Supafrik will be stocked with unique artwork, books, music, t-shirts, shoes furniture and home-ware collected by Chinedu throughout his travels in New York, London and Paris.  Supafrik will also have social-media interactivity that will allow anybody with an internet connection to participate in some of the activities planned over the duration of the pop up shop such as the stylized photoshoot, book reading and design workshop. BTW: They have the last editions of the Hairy Hair tees. So if you slept on 'em while I had 'em in stock you can cop 'em here.

and one more thing, The Opening Party July 15, 2011 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

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The Art of Sleeping

As you read this right now you might be at work or class, or have taken a "professional day" off. I'm sure that most of you are wishing you were back in bed cuddled up inside the warm covers and sleeping. If you're not maybe you have some secret energy trick that I don't know of, or maybe you are lying to yourself because the truth is everyone is tired. I have been coming across very interesting articles about public sleeping online recently and thought that I would share some of the best ones with you while at the same time wishing I were asleep with the television on. A girl can dream, can't she? A private member's club in London offers a "Lazy Lawn" designed by Tom Dixon where members can lounge, sleep, or sunbathe their days away. In Toronto, The Z's by the C project is encouraging people to participate in a napping initiative aimed at promoting citizens' rights to public space. In Austria, visitors can spend a night at the Das Park Hotel where the hotel's "pay as you wish" policy allows them to sleep in sections of used pipes. Now I don't think I would ever go here, but if you are interested in going to prison without a sentence then you can visit the Karosta Prison in Latvia. At this "hotel" which was formally (as recently as 1997) a prison, visitors can pay to be treated as prisoners and sleep on a wooden plank or a dusty single bed.
The Museum of Science and Industry is looking for someone to move into the museum 24/7 for thirty days this fall as a part of a unique experiment. If you become the museum's "roommate" you will win $10,000 dollars.
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Many moons ago I used to shoot people. I wasn't a crazy killer. I had a brief stint as an editorial photographer in Toronto. While digging through the archives I cam across some of my old work, fell into a wonderful world of nostalgia and thought I'd share a few shots. Mighty Mos Def: Shot for Urbanology Magazine 2005 Saul Williams: Shot for Peace Magazine 2005 Alicia Keys: Shot for Word magazine 2005
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