So I went  to hang out with Obama in D.C over the weekend. I haven't been to D.C since '98. All I remember about it from then is that it was dirty and that there were homeless people everywhere. Well I guess times have changed. First off, it was clean, second  the homeless folks were were few. Where did they all go? Hate to be a pessimist but I can't imagine that they all got homes. Speaking of homeless people, the Newark path train station looked like return of the living dead when we got back. It was about 1am and  between all the crack head zombies laying all over the place and the desolate atmosphere I swear I thought the thriller video was about to break out.  Back to D.C.,while there I had a chance to check out Dekka. This store features some of the city's top indie designers. The owner Josh was super nice and gave us the scoop on the scene. Be sure to check it out if yer in the area.


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